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The Meadow Bouquet

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As flower lovers, our favourite time of the year is when we can encounter the beautiful untamed wildflower pacthes along the way. It's fascinating to see these vibrant blooms, in so many different shapes and textures, bouncing magically around the most unpredictable spaces.

Inspired by this vision of nature, we created The Meadow bouquet. This composition is bursting with vibrant dried flowers, grasses and dried foliage. The Meadow bouquet features some of our favourite summer flowers such as yarrow, helichrysums, nigella seed heads, pink daisy flowers, celosia, bunny tails, natural wheat and many more.

You'll find a large selection of different dried flowers in this bouquet, which makes it so special! Perfect to bring a touch of nature to your home or to gift a loved one.

 - Please note due to the availability and seasonality of some florals and materials, we will sometimes need to substitute a few flowers. We will always choose the best replacement to embody the same style and colour scheme of your chosen design.


Dried flowers can last up from 1 to 3 years with a little care. For more info see our Dried Flower Care page.

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