About Us


Let me tell you a little bit of our story...

It all starts with a girl and her passion for colour, flowers and everything botanical and beautiful. I'm Nádila and I'm originally from Brazil. A few years ago I made two big changes in my life, moving to Ireland and changing career.

After moving to Ireland, I was love-struck by the Irish landscape and its flourishing gardens. I decided to follow my passion and become a floral designer.

Then in 2020, when the first lockdown hit, I found myself stuck at home with an urge to do something creative and to move back to the flowers. That summer, I decided to start creating a few dried flower designs at home. I was spellbound by the magic of drying and preserving flowers, and also by the endless possibilities they offer.

Flore comes from the word "Florescer", which is the Portuguese word meaning "to bloom". Additionally, I'm very inspired by the French flower style and when I found out that "flore" is the French word for "flora", I knew I had found my brand name.

Flore is a flower studio, introducing a new take on dried and preserved flowers and where all floral dreams are created. From fresh flowers for events and weddings, to large dried flower installations, as well as preserving wedding bouquets with drying and pressing techniques.

If I'm not creating with flowers, you'll probably find me on Pinterest . I love creating vision boards. We can create anything we can imagine!