About Us


Let me tell you a little bit of our story...

It all starts with a girl and her passion for colour and flowers. This girl is me, Nadila. I'm originally from Brazil and I actually came from a marketing and advertising background, before getting into floristry. It was only after moving to Ireland that I discovered my passion for the natural world, and especially for flowers.

This love of flowers led me to drop my career plans in marketing and jump into floristry a few years ago. Then, in 2020, when the first lockdown hit, I found myself stuck at home with an urge to do something creative and to move back to the flowers. That summer, I decided to start creating a few dried flower designs at home. I was spellbound by the magic of drying and preserving flowers, and also by the endless possibilities they offer.

Flore comes from the word "Florescer", which is the Portuguese word meaning "to bloom". Additionally, I'm very inspired by the French flower style and when I found out that "flore" is the French word for "flora", I knew I had found my brand name.

Flore is a Dublin based flower studio. We're a very small team but very dedicated to creating unique dried floral designs that are rich in colour with a touch of artistry. We love the idea of our work being a special part of your home, business or wedding. We're always working on new designs and looking for interesting new ways to bring colour and style to any space with our dried florals.