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Fiadh Arrangement

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Transport yourself to the enchanting landscapes of the Irish countryside with our exquisite Fiadh arrangement. Inspired by the untamed beauty of nature, Fiadh, meaning "wild" in Irish, captures the essence of vibrant blooming meadows during spring time.

It features a whimsical mix of pastel shades with a beautiful selection of dried flowers such as charming helichrysums, playful bunny tails and phalaris, light purple kaaps flower, pink thistle, nigella seed heads, broom bloom and other seasonal wild flowers.

To bring movement and extra wildness to the arrangement, there's a soft yellow italian ruscus and a flowing pink grass.

This vivid arrangement comes in a stylish round belly vase that features a gradient of mesmerizing blues and pinks to create a contemporary feel.

If you want to bring joy to someone special, the Fiadh arrangement is the perfect gift.

Vase height: aprox. 20cm

Vase with flowers: aprox. 50cm


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