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Cotton Candy Wreath

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Lilac summer skies, colourful drinks and laying in a field full of daisies on a warm summer day; this is what inspired the creation of this fun and highly aesthetic dried flower wreath.

This is a long-lasting wreath made of special died purple pampas, coloured wheats, pink broom bloom, soft bunny tails, pink helichrysums and charming daisies for a finishing touch!

Our wreaths are unique in style, artisanally made in our local studio with love and extra attention to detail. This will make a perfect decoration for a wall or door and a special gift to a loved one.

- Note that dried flower wreaths are best displayed indoors where they will be protected from the elements. Avoid water and humidity. To display outdoors, make sure they're protected from the rain or strong wind.

Diameter inside approx. 22cm

Diameter outside approx. 35cm


Dried flowers can last from 1 to 3 years with a little care. For more info see our Dried Flower Care page.

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