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Fresh Eucalyptus Vase

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Introducing our limited edition of fresh eucalyptus bunch that comes in a stunning green clear glass vase with a modern ribbed texture. The vase complements perfectly the natural beauty of the eucalyptus.

Incorporating plants and flowers into your home can create a sense of calm and relaxation. The Cinerea eucalyptus variety is wonderfully-scented and will bring a touch of natural freshness to your space.

The Eucalyptus Vase is also a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea for anyone that loves nature!

Eucalyptus can last up to 12 days in water, or it can be dried and enjoyed for even longer. Another way to enjoy your eucalyptus is to create a relaxing experience at home by hanging your stems upside down in the shower. The steam of the hot water activates the oils in the eucalyptus leaves, releasing their scent into the air.

Vase is approx. 18cm in height

Available for Local Delivery or Local Pick-Up from our studio in Dublin 2.