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Harvest Wreath

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Autumn is a highly symbolic season. This period is traditionally associated to abundance, preservation, change, balance and reconnection.

Autumn wreaths celebrate the cycle of life and the abundance of harvest season. Embrace this season with a luscious dried flower wreath, exalting autumnal coloured leaves and several types of foliage. Among foliage, dark helichrysums, grasses and bunny tails, we have the opulent protea flowers giving an extra unique touch to this fabulous design.

Inner diameter: 40cm approx.

Note: This wreath is suitable for any door or wall, as long as it's protected from water and strong winds.

Protecting them from the elements will help ensure you enjoy your dried flower piece for years to come.


Available for collection in 1 working day, or available for local delivery in 2-3 working days.